Ploutus Special Intelligence Service, (SIS) is a subsidiary of Ploutus International Investments LLC a business, founded in 1999; Ploutus SIS is headquartered in El Paso, TX with a satellite office located in Washington, DC for its government and classified contracts; Seattle, WA and Sierra Vista, AZ. The Company has a GCC – MENA Regional HQ located in Kuwait, UAE HQ located in Dubai, West African Regional HQ located in Ghana, Central African Regional HQ located in Cameroon and a presence in South America (Brazil and Colombia) and in Southwest Asia.

SIS became a member of the Ploutus International Investments LLC to expand SIS to the world thought the vast network that Ploutus has developed through the years.

Ploutus SIS’ core competencies include Total Security Services, Intelligence Support Worldwide, Instructional and Training Support, Background Investigations and Technical Services. The Company offers specialty services to government agencies, private and commercial customers worldwide.

The Company maintains a premier 300 acre, tactical training facility, 24 miles from the El Paso Airport with weapon ranges, shoot houses, classrooms, a replica Border Village for tactical training and is completely integrated with personnel and student housing. We have a full kitchen, cooks and dining facilities so personnel never have to leave the compound during their training sessions. We also have a certified helicopter landing pad with night landing capabilities and the main facility is fenced, gated and guarded and maintained 24/7 for classified or secret projects. We additionally have a 4000 acre facility for classified drone training and special operations training programs.

Integrated Systems Improvement Services, Inc. d/b/a Ploutus Special Intelligence Service (Ploutus SIS) is a “quiet” and preferred provider of services to various U. S. Government Agencies, the DOD and the U.S. Military, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement Agencies and commercial customers and “friends” of the United States worldwide.