Naveen Weerasena

Naveen Weerasena is the Director Business Development of Ploutus SIS. He is a high-impact professional leader with over 25 years of management experience, project management, business analysis, finance & budgeting, and multi-domain knowledge.

He has years of experience in the information technology field, as a Software developer using Account / Project Manager platforms, and in areas such as IT infrastructure, data & VOIP networks, IT security systems, and centralized & decentralized server management.

Since 2006, Naveen is well versed in Project Management, ERP Implementation and multiple other related softwares and network management. He has also worked for group of companies with multi-sector businesses, designing and being involved in business process reengineering, construction, infrastructure, renewable energy, hydroponics, travel and tourism. Naveen has gathered in-depth knowledge of many business sectors, he’s a good leader and has a strong proven track record of corporate success.