Sanoj (OJ) Dhamindranath

Sanoj (OJ) Dhamindranath is the CEO of Ploutus SIS. He has over 20 years of progressive executive management experience. He oversees the execution of Ploutus’ mission, vision, and strategy for the group of companies. In addition to leading the overall financial and operational direction of the Group, he manages key client relationships and leads select endeavors in the areas of finance, construction and infrastructure, technology, oil and gas, renewable energy, mobile telecommunication, commodity trading, food distribution, consultancy services, mining, precious metals, health, travel and tourism.

“OJ” has held superior operating roles in both private and publicly traded companies and has extended his business endeavors outside of the USA to the African & Asian continents and the Caribbean islands. OJ has developed a good network of investors, business leaders, attorneys, banks and technology partners to his network. He’s focused on impacting future generations by developing projects that impact lives, reduce poverty, and combat disease.