Timothy Andrew Koonce

Timothy Andrew Koonce is the Operations Manager of Ploutus SIS. Mr. Koonce is a hard charging professional with over two decades of high threat Security operations and law enforcement experience. Now a part of Ploutus SIS, he brings his level of expertise to a now merged corporation and brings out a quantified quality assurance process second to none. He has held several positions and ranks at his agency to include the Chief of Police, where he started the reorganization of the department and finished his tenure as Deputy Chief of Police. He is no stranger to ground work, from working as a team member to a team leader in SWAT, Investigations and other high level divisions within law enforcement. He was a member of several law enforcement organizations to include IACP, CTCA, ICIN WALETA, WALEA, and was his agency’s liaison to Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZPOST).

Mr. Koonce has provided executive protection for some of the country’s wealthiest families, business elites, and entertainment personalities. He is currently tasked as an operations manager for a multi-billion-dollar project located in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his tenure, he has held several Governmental clearances, a federal law enforcement commission, and has been a state certified law enforcement member for two public safety organizations.